Success Stories

Crystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman, best-selling and award-winning author of more than 80 Christian childrens books, needed an updated website that did a better job of showcasing her books. She... (more)

Carol Kivler

Carol Kivler is an executive coach, speaker and mental health advocate who has written several books about mental wellness. She wanted to merge her two worlds –... (more)

Pennington Crossfit

Shortly after opening their business, Pennington Crossfit approached us for help managing their new website. Their original developer had done a good job of setting up their... (more)

Inquiry Institute

Dr. Marilee Adams, founder of Inquiry Institute, is the author of Change Your Questions Change Your Life, which has quietly sold over 150,000 copies. When she first... (more)


The New Jersey Music Teachers Association, an active state-wide organization that hosts several student competitions per year, needed a new website for their members, students and parents... (more)

Living Body Therapies

Anthy Katsiotis, MA, LMBT, is a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker specializing in healing chronic issues. She wanted to convey a particular “look and feel” with her online... (more)

Donna Zagotta

Donna Zagotta is an award-winning, nationally recognized artist and workshop instructor. She needed a professional web site to showcase her work, as well as a companion blog... (more)

Bullying Epidemic

Lorna Blumen is a bullying prevention specialist. She needed a blog and social media networks to build a community to promote her speaking services and her book,... (more)


ResumeBear’s success story is not our success story, so we’re a little reluctant to showcase it here, but we have played a part in this exciting venture.... (more)