Carol Kivler is an executive coach, speaker and mental health advocate who has written several books about mental wellness. She wanted to merge her two worlds – executive coaching and mental health advocacy – and needed a blog and social media platform to expand her reach and influence in the arena of mental wellness. She also needed to spruce up her presence on Amazon. Now, Carol enjoys a robust and engaged online mental wellness community and consistent book sales, including two books that have been Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers as a result of book launches we managed for her: The ABCs of Recovery from Mental Illness and Mental Health Recovery Boosters.

We were astonished to discover this acknowledgement in her book Mental Health Recovery Boosters:

“My next acknowledgement goes out to our social media team, Susan Critelli and Terry Andrews. This dynamic duo is responsible for creating and maintaining our digital footprint. We depend heavily on their expertise and business sense of where and what we should be doing in the social media arena. Their keen and up-to-date entries on my blog site, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest bring the latest on mental health topics to our followers.”

Thank you, Carol!

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