I recently hired Teresa Freed and Susan Critelli to give my author website a much needed extreme make-over. Even though I have never met them in person, I am amazed at how they have captured who I am. My website is a true reflection of my work, my publications, my personality, and my faith. My updated website is fun, creative, and professional.  I could not be more pleased and I highly recommend Teresa and Susan – they are experts in their field and have gone way beyond my expectations.
- Crystal Bowman

Terry and Susan were not only a pleasure to work with, but an integral asset to helping shape and inform the direction of our online presence and digital marketing strategy–social media, blogging, SEO, email campaigns, etc. I was particularly impressed with the execution and results of our Facebook ‘Like’ campaigns and resulting engagement. For our business needs, we needed digital marketing professionals with patience, flexibility and of course, knowledge of best practices. They are the complete package. Their sincere willingness to offer both 50,000ft view advice and insight, as well as digging into the details was integral for our success to date. I would highly recommend Terry and Susan for any small business, seeking both counsel and execution of digital marketing needs.

Jessica Seyfert

Terry and Susan created our Bullying Epidemic blog and related social media properties – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. They worked carefully to understand our voice and help us develop our approach to all our SM properties. They worked with my team to help build our supporting skills. And they developed a real expertise in bullying prevention along the way! Thanks, Terry & Susan!

Lorna Blumen

When I was shopping around for someone to design a website for my violin trio, I quickly realized how well Terry Andrews and Susan Critelli were going to take care of us. I was impressed at how thoroughly they questioned, surveyed, and interviewed me so that they could get a complete understanding of my goals, design and color preferences, and direction for the websites. They also took the time to really educate me on the marketing aspects for a project like this. From the initial phone conferences, questionnaire, Strategy Report, Proposal, and right through the actual process of building the website, they were very patient with me and took the time to answer all of my questions. Terry and Susan have provided us with very high quality websites that we very proud to announce to our friends, family, and clients. Bravo!

Larisa Epps

Visit Google and type in our most important search term – we are now number 2 in organic (non-paid) search! Visit Bing and we are number 1! A number of sites are now linking to us: blogs, social networking pages, informational websites, as well as individual Amazon product links. All of this will continue to help our organic search ranking. We expect other terms will begin to increase in ranking soon, as well.

David Burke

These ladies are awesome! I don’t know a lot about the tech end of things. I just know that whenever we’ve been left in the lurch, Terry and Susan have stepped in and done a great job for us with our blog and social media marketing campaigns.

When they are managing the blog we consistently get rave reviews for the quality of the articles and a good deal of organic search traffic. In addition, they not only stabilized our suddenly-declining Alexa ranking, but increased the ranking, page views and time spent on the site using sustainable methods for driving traffic.

Susan and Terry have also helped us with management of our Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media endeavors. We’ve seen our number of followers increase substantially and the quality of the conversations improve, as well. I don’t know how they found all those passwords when our previous manager left, but they had things up and on track again a short time later.

We know that whenever we have questions or need extra help that these ladies will do a terrific job for us. They’re very creative, knowledgeable, hard working and they get results. Plus, their pricing is better than anything we can get anywhere else!

Patricia Benjamin

Teresa, I was astonished by the poor quality of artist’s websites out there. I looked at over 125 of those sites (many representing professional artists) and only found eight with high quality graphic design. Your company designed 3 of them. One New York art gallery receives an average of 800 website submissions from artists every month. Your company designed my website to stand out from that crowded field. I wanted  a well-designed site so that galleries and collectors would take me more seriously. The price was fair. My website itself is a work of art. On top of that you perfectly matched the business cards with the beautiful site. Even though I expected high quality from your company, my expectations were exceeded. Thank you.

Wilbert Fobbs

Susan Critelli is truly a “God-send!” She is extremely creative and innovative. She demonstrated real depth regarding the project she is involved in, giving us lots of very worthwhile recommendations. Ms. Critelli is extremely reliable, and always on top of things. She is also very knowledgeable, knowing what actions produce truly effective results. I totally trust her wisdom and ingenuity as a first-class designer. Our Bravura Philharmonic Orchestra Facebook page could not have been initiated and maintained by a better person!

Chiu-Tze Lin

With my new book soon to go to press, I knew it was time to get websites going. Teresa did a fine job of helping me determine just what I needed to make the right splash. She built a website for my media business and for the new book “The Athletic Benchley.” She also implemented an email opt-in and list-building strategy, as well as  ‘buy now’ buttons on the book site. I’m pleased to report that within a month of launching the book site it was coming up as number five on Google for its most important keyword.

Tom Saunders