Pennington Crossfit


Shortly after opening their business, Pennington Crossfit approached us for help managing their new website. Their original developer had done a good job of setting up their WordPress site, but it had problematic hosting (Network Solutions), did not display well on mobile devices and needed to be better organized. These are all critical issues for their business, as the site needs to be available so that members can easily find the day’s schedule (WOD) at all times and on all devices. They also were unable to get the site to come up in a prominent position on Google Local for searches done for Crossfit in their community (instead, their biggest competitor came up first). We stepped in and helped them solve these problems and continue to modify and expand the site as their business grows. The most recent additions are a specialized slider that showcases their coaching staff, videos and a Testimonials page.

It’s unanimous, everyone loves the new mobile site! – Pennnington Crossfit Co-Owner

  • Wordpress Management
  • Google Local
  • Built a Mobile-Ready Site That Synchronizes with the Main Site