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While some small businesses do just fine without a website, it’s critical for most businesses, especially those with products to showcase. However, not just any website will do. Your website should be attractive and look professional, be easy to navigate, showcase your products and services well, and meet your marketing needs. It should also be optimized for the search engines, social media, list-building, and other marketing avenues important to your business. Your website also needs to be able to grow as your business does and not become outdated quickly.

We have many years of experience building websites for all kinds of businesses, so we understand exactly what is important for your business. While we can and do build static websites, primarily brochure sites, we build more WordPress blogs these days. A well-thought-out blog can be the main website itself, or can be added to a static site and made to look as if it’s an integral part of the site rather than an add-on.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs are the websites of choice for many small business owners (we do NOT recommend Blogger/Blogspot). When configured and managed properly, the search engines love them, anyone on your team can be given access in order to add new content or do updating, and they offer nearly unlimited customization of look and function through plugins. Add-on eCommerce functionality can make it easy to sell directly from your storefront blog.

WordPress is so adaptable that a blog does not have to look like a personal blog. There are many different styles, or themes, available to beautifully showcase your business. Artists, photographers, stores, B2B businesses, coaches, authors, trades people and more use WordPress very successfully.

If you’re interested in social media marketing, then you’ll definitely need a blog, as that’s where you’ll add new content to distribute throughout your networks. In fact, we consider a blog the centerpiece of your social media marketing infrastructure.

It’s important to extend consistent branding across all of your online properties, starting with your website and/or blog. If you don’t have branding in place, we’ll help you develop that as we’re building your site.

Please let us know if you’d like to discuss website and/or blog options. We’ll be happy to send you links to sites we’ve built so you can gauge the quality for yourself. Just include a note about what type of business you have so we can send you some comparable sites to explore. Contact us here.

Teresa, I was astonished by the poor quality of artist’s websites out there. I looked at over 125 of those sites (many representing professional artists) and only found eight with high quality graphic design. Your company designed 3 of them. One New York art gallery receives an average of 800 website submissions from artists every month. Your company designed my website to stand out from that crowded field. I wanted  a well-designed site so that galleries and collectors would take me more seriously. The price was fair. My website itself is a work of art. On top of that you perfectly matched the business cards with the beautiful site. Even though I expected high quality from your company, my expectations were exceeded. Thank you.

Wilbert Fobbs

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