Your business can have the best online presence in the world, but it won’t stay that way without ongoing attention. Does your budget allow you to contract out ongoing management and development? Or, would you prefer to do some or all of the work yourself? Often we’ll set up a solid infrastructure for a business and work it for awhile to get momentum going, then train you or your staff to manage parts or all of it yourself. Then, we’ll be standing by, available to answer questions and ready to step in to help as needed.

Depending on your needs, we can teach you to post blog articles (with good images), handle your social media accounts, send out newsletters to your list, etc. The training happens long-distance with a special tool that allows you to be in front of your computer watching as we work on ours. That way you can follow every move we make, and ask questions as we go along.

What do you need to learn? Let us know and we’ll set up a training program for you.

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