Search Engine Optimization

Organic search traffic is the holy grail for many small business owners. It’s free and targeted, and people find you because they’re looking for products or services you offer – instead of the other way around where you find (and try to interest) them. While search engines shouldn’t be your only way of driving traffic (don’t put all of your eggs in the Google basket!), they can make a substantial contribution.

Don’t assume that just because you have a website, people will find it via the search engines. There are just too many competing sites out there. But, you can increase your odds substantially by engaging in well-thought-out SEO (search engine optimization). With the right approach, we can help you get your site to the front page of Google – and in some cases that can happen within a few days (highly competitive keywords can take much longer).

Before beginning your SEO efforts, it’s important to determine what keywords you can compete on. That’s why we begin each project with keyword research. We not only identify appropriate keywords that drive substantial traffic, but analyze the competition and identify those keywords that you can rank on quickly.

Once we have a list of keywords to target, we’ll optimize your site or blog for those keywords by configuring meta tags, titles and so on. If your site is blog, then keyword phrases will be targeted each time a new article is posted, increasing the ways that people can find you through the search engines. Backlinking is also important, and we’ll guide you through that process as well. SEO also is helped by your social media activity and other initiatives, which we’ll include in your overall stategy.

One thing to remember is the SEO is not a one-time effort. Good results require ongoing attention, and sometimes it can take awhile to get the desired results. But it’s worth it! A long-time client has been targeting one highly competitive keyword for quite some time. We’ve had fun watching their website move toward the top of search results. Now, they’re consistently on the front page of Google for their most important keyword – one that is so competitive that we normally wouldn’t target it. But they stuck with it, and the increased traffic (and sales) from being on the front page for that lucrative keyword has made it well worth the ongoing effort.

Are you ready to get started with your SEO efforts? Let us know and we’ll set up a call to devise a strategy that will work well for your business.

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