What is the single most effective way to increase your sales? Build a mailing list – and manage it properly. That old adage that “people need to see your message 5-12 times before buying” reminds us that repetition is important for building brand recognition and sales. And that’s where your mailing list comes in.

Your mailing list is essentially a captive audience of people who have already expressed an interest in your products or services. Turn them into buyers by giving them valuable content on a regular basis so they stay interested, and remind them regularly of the benefits of your product or services.

There’s a fine line here, as you don’t want to flood inboxes with ads – that’s the surest way to turn people off – but you do want to regularly send valuable content that demonstrates your expertise and builds trust. People who feel they know and trust you are more likely to buy from you, and your mailing list is your best tool for fostering that connection. Social media connections are important too, but getting your followers on your list means they are more likely to see news of important initiatives, like a book or product launch, when you want them to see and act on them.

Many small business owners pass on building a list, as they worry that the work involved will be daunting. Don’t. Instead, learn how to automate the collection of subscribers, generate newsletters or other notices quickly, and distribute your message on a schedule that works for both you and your subscribers.

That’s where we can help. Contact us to learn how best to get your list-building efforts underway. We can also help you grow your list, generate and format newsletter content, and automate your mailings. Above all, don’t forget: “The money is in the list!”

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