Evaluation and Strategy

The first thing we do when contacted by a prospective client is to listen very carefully to what your goals are. Then, we’ll do a complete assessment of your online footprint to see what infrastructure pieces you have in place and how well they are performing. For example:

  • Do you have a website? Blog? Social media accounts? Mailing list?
  • If so, are they set up and branded to maximize results?
  • Is your site coming up in search engines for your important keywords?
  • Is your local business appearing on the map for local searches?
  • What are you already doing to market online, and what results are you already getting?
  • Can we tweak something so that results are achieved more quickly?
  • Or, do we need to create some new pieces for your online infrastructure and flesh out others in order to maximize your exposure?

In other words, we look at the big picture, then develop recommendations for achieving your stated goals. Sometimes prospective clients have a great infrastructure in place that can be ramped up using various marketing tools and campaigns. Other times their infrastructure needs work in order for marketing initiatives to be effective.

And, what happens once your online footprint is up to snuff? Do you need help creating and distributing content, engaging through social media, growing your list or …? Maybe you would prefer hands-on training so that you can manage things on your own.

It all depends on what your business goals are. While many small businesses have similar needs, rest assured that whatever strategy we devise for your business will be highly customized to you. Simply contact us to get an evaluation started.

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