Whether you’re an author with books to sell, or have products to ship, Amazon can be a good venue for you – provided you set your business up properly there. As the world’s largest online marketplace, Amazon is a “must” for many small businesses. At the very least, good reviews on Amazon not only add credibility, but also generate more sales, whether on Amazon itself or from your website. And, for authors, Amazon is a must.

The first decision you face when listing with Amazon is which type of reseller account you should open. Do you want to pay a higher commission to have Amazon promote your product and do the shipping for you? Or, would you prefer to sidestep Amazon’s marketing machine, ship products yourself and keep more from each sale?

Once you have the correct account, setting up your products on Amazon is relatively simple, but there are ‘tricks’ that will produce better results. Book titles, book covers, categories, keywords and product descriptions all play roles in how well your listing will do. Then there’s Kindle, the Author page, reviews, the Amazon community, look-inside-the book, etc.

We have helped several authors and retailers achieve good sales on Amazon, and would be happy to share our expertise with you. We can do the work for you, or guide you through the process of navigating Amazon and making the best choices to optimize your sales. We can even help you get your book on Amazon’s bestseller list. Imagine the credibility and increased sales that occur when you can say “My book is an Amazon bestseller!”

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